I just want to take a moment to write and say how much I appreciate the skill and professionalism of Heather Hurry. I have been to a number of other RMTs and although clearly skilled, non have come close to the level of intuitive care and artistry that she practices. I have referred many friends and colleagues to VCA based on my experiences with Heather. E.M., Victoria, B.C.

I've been seeing Erin Fairly regularly for well over a year now. Having had acupuncture treatments with various practitioners over the last 4-5 years, i can say with absolute confidence that I have found the perfect practitioner for my needs and well-being. Having Multiple Sclerosis, IBS, and emotional traumas, my body is extremely sensitive to any sensation. So even though acupuncture is normally painless, I have found a world of relief and comfort in the extremely gentle and mindful ways that Erin works with her acupuncture needles, and in the quite and subtle ways she is able to move around me without disrupting my healing process. Erin goes above and beyond in her sessions, in community acupuncture as well as private. It's been such a blessing to receive her generosity, kindness, joy, empathy, wisdom, and nurturing spirit. I certainly would not be where I am today, and feeling as good as I do, without her help. I am continuously recommending her to absolutely everyone I know, whether they be my own clients, fellow practitioners, or friends and family. If someone hasn't tried acupuncture and other TCM modalities, or has and believes they didn't receive much from it, all i can say is give it a chance, give it some time to create an impact, and find the right practitioner for you. Erin has created wonders for me, and I hope to continue to see her for a long time to come. My heart wishes all the best for Erin, as she absolutely deserves every ounce of goodness for the healing she's done for me. N.B., Victoria, B.C.

Regarding our open house on January 28th, 2017: "I would like to acknowledge my appreciation to Joleen Kraft - the owner of Victoria Community Acupuncture + Spa on Fort Street for hosting her Open House on 28 January. The even was a huge success and a great number of members of our community were able to receive amazing treatments and ultimately the satisfaction with being healed and looked after with warmth and congeniality. The attendees were able to access acupuncture, massage, reflexology, herbal medicine, etc, each professional treatment for a nominal fee, and left the clinic feeling rejuvenated with a big smile on their faces. Complimentary herbal tea after the procedures added to the full happiness of the visit. Thank you for rewarding our community with such wonderful opportunities." Tatiana Harrison, Victoria, B.C.

"After two sessions of Quantum Touch appointments with Carolyn Hutchison following a bicycling accident, it was very clear how deep the healing process had taken hold.  It's quite different from a normal massage or chiropractic  session, where people expect immediate results.  QT is way more subtle; it seems to effect a more profound systemic recovery."  Garnet, Victoria, B.C.

"I have seen many different acupuncturists at several different clinics and spas in the Victoria area. Victoria Community Acupuncture Spa is without a doubt my first choice for receiving acupuncture treatments. The acupuncturists are extremely talented at accessing qi points and providing treatments that leave you feeling rested and refreshed. Recently, I underwent the acu-sculpting treatment with Ilya for enhancing breast tissue. Ilya was able to not only increase my breast tissue volume but also enhance the symmetry and shape of my breasts. I recommend this treatment as an natural alternative to surgery which not only enhances the breasts, but provides holistic, therapeutic benefits to the whole body."  - Elizabeth, Victoria, B.C.