Swedish Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage

- 45min-$50 

- 60min- $65 

- 90min-$90

Swedish relaxation massage

Massage treatment with long slow strokes to help relaxation of the nervous system. Different techniques may be utilized; joint mobilizations, stretching, compressions and more. This massage can help improve the body’s circulatory, lymphatic and muscular system for overall health. Pressure depth is adjusted to the individual’s needs. Swedish relaxation massage is recommended for individuals affected by chronic pain or stress to help sooth the nervous system. Optional 10-15 minute guided savasana visualization, breathing(pranayama) or physical homecare exercises. 

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage may make use of a variety of techniques such as; gentle joint mobilizations, muscle stripping, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, trigger point therapy and stretching. Massage may be focused to areas of concern for the patient with deep slow pressure to access deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Deep tissue massage is recommended for those who would like to address chronic stiffness, muscle imbalances and muscular pain. Optional 10-15 minute consultation, assessment and homecare (strengthening/stretching program).

Check with your insurance provider, sometimes Swedish relaxation massage is covered under your plan. I will be registered massage therapist in the Spring of 2018 and most insurance companies cover services then.

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