with Jacquie Lynn Holland

These 5 treatments can be booked as stand-alone treatments, or mix and match up to 4 for a remarkable 2-hour session. Energy spa treatments now include a reiki mini-treatment for free (additional complimentary 5 min treatment).

PRICING for Jade Lantern Energy Spa Treatments:
Single treatment: 30 min., $38
Choose 2 treatments: 60 min., $70
Choose 3 treatments: 90 min., $100
Choose 4 treatments: 120 min., $120


Auric Chelation

Chelation is a process of charging and cleaning the auric field. The intention of this balancing treatment is to fill your body with energy to trigger its self-healing mechanism so you can feel and be well.

Approx 30 mins -  $38

Energy Systems Massage

A tension-relieving energy massage treatment to free trapped nerves and release adhesions around the spine. Includes a therapeutic body sweep to stimulate, balance, & regulate the healthy flow of magnetism around the body.

Approx 30 mins - $38

Etheric Lymph Massage

Waste matter can gather at crucial points in the body causing headaches, sinusitis, swollen nodes, constipation, & edema. This treatment is intended to balance the lymphatic system on an energetic level so that it can perform its function; to carry away all the debris left over from body processes & to carry nourishment to every cell it encounters.

Approx 30 mins - $38

Neurolymphatic Reflex Massage

A reflex point energy massage intended to stimulate the lymphatic system. This detoxifying treatment helps to boost the immune system, clear stagnant energies, & energize the body. It gives a sense of relaxation, while stimulating the cerebrospinal fluid aiding in clear thinking, & reducing the build-up of physical & emotional stress.

Approx 30 mins - $38

Acupressure Face (Lift) Massage

Lie comfortably, breathe deeply. Close your eyes & rest in your special place of beauty as gentle finger pressure is applied on small Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture points. This energy facial massage aids in restoring skin & muscle tone, nerve function, & circulation. Feel the flow of energy to the face & head. Stretch & relax.

Approx 30 mins - $38



Energy healing, today, is increasingly prescribed for a wide variety of conditions: Toxicity, life-stress and physical injury can all disrupt the normal flow of bio-electricity which nourishes our cells. Integrative energy service to clients is the popular Japanese art of Reiki (practitioners hands hover closely over the body and light touch). This is a gentle yet powerful technique which involves the focused amplification of subtle living energy (Ki (Japanese) or chi (Chinese) using light touch in specific patterns on and near the surface of the body. Reiki supports our body’s return to balance and vibrancy by treating it as a multi-dimensional energy system. The great effects can be both therapeutic and cosmetic because we look good when we feel good. Organic wellness is the source of flawless radiance.

Approx 60 mins - $75

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is an alternative and complementary medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. The theory of reflexology is based on the idea that reflex areas and points correspond to specific areas of the body. Through manipulating these reflex areas and points, one can improve health by balancing one's qi (physical life-force). 

The Reflexology sessions offered at VCA include a gentle foot massage along with activation work of qi through stimulating reflex points on the feet.  There are reflex points that correspond to every single part of the human body. We customize each treatment according to our client's individual needs.

Studies show that a series of reflexology sessions can assist in increasing circulation, lowering blood pressure, reducing pain, anxiety, assist digestion issues, headaches, and provide relief from back, hip, and joint pain, to name a few. The ultimate purpose of reflexology therapy is to promote wellness and return the body to homeostasis.

Book a session for 30, 45, 60, or 90 mins at $1/minute