What kinds of treatments does a Holistic Health Practitioner offer?


Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that promotes complete relaxation of the body and stress reduction allowing healing to take place. This technique uses the life-force energy or Ki/Chi, the energy that is present in all living things. The healing energy of reiki seeks to restore balance in one’s body energies while reestablishing the essential flow. This technique provides relief for anxiety and stress, aches, pain and joints conditions, PMS, fatigue, pre- and post-surgery, help with side effects of treatments, and recovery of any type. 

What to expect in a session: A reiki session can treat the whole body or focus on a specific area. The treatment is performed while you are in a peaceful private room laying on a massage table, so comfortable clothing should be worn for the session. A session is initiated with a type of energy body scan, which is done about five inches above the client’s body, and is then followed by a gentle and light hands-on healing starting at the head, working towards the feet, and following the reiki way to the areas most needed. Often, clients will have sudden emotional releases during a treatment, and this is quite normal. Emotional blockages can cause illness in the body, so we welcome these releases, knowing that healing is taking place and that the negative energy is happily released. Prepare to feel refreshed and re-energized after your session. 

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a non-invasive oriental bodywork technique that was first recognized as a medical modality in Japan. At its root, shiatsu uses neuromuscular points pressure to increase blood and lymph circulation in order to activate the body’s own parasympathetic healing response. Nowadays, shiatsu has evolved to using 5 element theory from traditional Chinese medicine as well as meridian principles, all with the goal of balancing the body through mind, body, and spirit. 

What to expect during treatment: A shiatsu treatment is done while wearing comfortable clothes and laying on a massage table in a peaceful setting. The practitioner uses pressure points and relaxation massage techniques such as Anma and tuina, treating the whole body first and then determining what areas of the body require specific attention. The practitioner uses a gentle but deeply relaxing technique that releases greatly the body’s energy blocks. This is a technique that is adapted to each Individual and conditions, in the way that the pressure is directed. A shiatsu session will leave you feeling greatly rejuvenated and completely relaxed. 

Acuchi Jin Shin

Acuchi Jin Shin Is an Acupressure technique that combines the aspects of ancient practice of Jin Shin with energy medicine to create a balance in the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. It is the most spiritual form of acupressure. It consists of balancing the vital life forces within the body, connecting the 8 strange flows with the twelve organ meridians. It uses fewer pressure points than shiatsu, and the pressure may be maintained for a period of 30 seconds to 10 mins. This ancient art deeply affects not just muscle tension and stress, but also our emotional body. This technique brings the body back to a naturally balanced body-mind-spirit. 

What to expect during treatment: For your first Acuchi Jin Shin session, there is an initial 45 min consultation prior to treatment. During a session, one can expect great relaxation and an improvement in any acute and chronic condition, both in the short time and long term. This technique is extremely spiritual and requires the receiver to come in with an openness and a desire for improvement in their current health condition. Acuchi Jin Shin is a journey in itself and can lead to incredible outcomes.


lridology is a non-invasive, gentle technique that is based on the study of the iris. This technique can provide the practitioner information about your general health. It is a quick system of analysis that allows both practitioner and client to have more detailed information about the current condition of the organs and overall body areas. 

What to expect during your treatment: It is either possible to add a quick iridology assessment to a treatment session (30 mins) or to book for a 45 mins to 1 hour iridology assessment where the practitioner will study your eyes and give you a personal report of their findings. 


Auriculotherapy employs seeds and beads placed in acu points in the ears to balance and smooth the Qi ( chi ) / energy, allowing for the body to concentrate on areas where there are imbalances in need of repair and to initiate and encourage its own healing system. 

What to expect during a treatment: At the beginning of a session, the practitioner will study both of the client’s ears, and take notes of all areas that correspond to the various body organs systems. The use of tools is also to be expected; the practitioner will gently poke the client’s ears to find areas of sensitivity. There are no needles used in auriculotherapy; only seeds and beads are used on the specific pressure points identified. 

Relaxation Massage

A customized treatment using various modalities including acupressure, energy medicine, and Oriental bodywork. This is a free-flow session that is customized based on your specific needs. 

Bach Flower Remedy Consultation

A consultation to prepare a customized Bach flower remedy based on your specific needs. 

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