Herbal Medicine

Also known as herbalism, phytotherapy is the practice of treating disease and health challenges with plant medicine. When someone uses the term of phytotherapy, they are often talking about Western herbal medicine, which has a lengthy history dating back to Roman times. Western herbal medicine often uses herbs native to Europe and North America, though there is some overlap with TCM herbs. The medicine can take many different forms depending on the individual: blends of herbs can be made up as a tea to help you sleep better, a tincture for digestive issues, capsules to treat arthritis, an ointment for a sprained ankle, or an energetic formula that is often used in drop doses throughout the day.

Your appointment begins with filling in an intake form (which can be completed in advance online), and then we sit down and chat about your health goals. We will take about your main health concern, but also delve into other body systems to see if and how additional areas are being affected. If you have medical test results available, those are useful to our discussions. 

Once we have a better idea of your unique situation, I will put together a formula for you. In doing so, we may talk about herbs you've enjoyed/disliked in the past, and we may look at how the herbs interact energetically with you as well.

Consultation Fees

SPECIAL: Until the end of August 2017, Herbal Consultation Fees are being waived.

Beginning September 1st:

Initial Consultations  $80

Follow-up visits $50

Dispensing fee: $10

Herbal Medicine Costs


25 ml: $8.75
50 ml: $14.75
100 ml: $21.75
140 ml: $26.15
200 ml: $36.75
250 ml: $42.50
280 ml: $46.50
400 ml: $68.50


25 g: $6.75
50 g: $9.25
100 g: $15.75
200 g: $30.00


30 ml: $12.00
50 ml: $20.00
120 ml: $38.00


50 capsules: $16.00
100 capsules: $24.00