What is "Community Acupuncture"?

A new model of health care in the west with medical origins going back 5000 years.  Following in the footsteps of Asian culture, we offer affordable treatment in a group setting.  

Kick back on a fully supportive and comfortable leather recliner. Take refuge in the present moment and enjoy the collective energy in the room in which community acupuncture can be a very powerful healing experience. Similar to group meditation or yoga, healing in a shared space has many positive benefits. In a group setting, people often report feeling less nervous when they see others relaxing or sleeping during acupuncture treatment. Clients can also sit side by side friends and family members.  

Approx 45 mins = $30 - $55 per treatment

Sliding Scale Payment 

$20,000 - $25,000 = $30 per treatment
$25,000 - 30,000 = $35 per treatment
$30,000 - $35,000 = $40 per treatment
$35,000 - $40,000 = $45 per treatment
$40,000 - $45,00 = $50 per treatment

$45,000 + = $55

*Please note that there is a one time $15 paper fee for newcomers.
We operate on an honor system and do not require a proof of income. 

Etiquette for Community Acupuncture

Please wear loose comfortable clothing (easy to roll up) and turn cellphones off during treatment. Feel free to bring an eye mask or earplugs to use while you recline in our comfortable oversized recliners.  If you fall asleep, we will gently wake you after 45 minutes of treatment.  As you are 'sharing a space' please refrain from wearing strong perfume or other fragrances that may disturb your neighbor. While we encourage leaving gratuity for our Spa Practitioners during spa treatments, no tipping is required for acupuncture. It is a medical service that we are pleased to offer you on an accessible sliding scale. There is a one time, $15 paper fee for newcomers.