East meets west - best of both worlds.

Centuries old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meets modern pharmaceudical standards. By taking a measurable, scientific approach to product development and quality control, Bema Botanicals ensures that their raw herbs, extract granules, prescriptions and supplements are of the highest quality, purity and efficiency.  

Herbal Consultation Fee - $30  

Natural & Safe

  • All natural herbs, do not contain any animal ingredient
  • Pesticides, heavy metals & microbiological contaminants tested
  • Do not contain aristolochic acid herbs

Simple & Comprehensive Approach

  • Easy-to-administer coated concentrated tablets and capsules
  • Combining ancient wisdoms with modern technology
  • Gentle treatment by regulating imbalances
  • Quick targeting on the specific areas of physiological problems, and enhanced with closely related symptoms to help with body-mind-spirit balance.

Advanced Scientific Technology

  • Innovative manufacturing process with modern production equipment
  • HPLC analysis to ensure product consistency
  • GMP and ISO 9000 certified facility